Celeste Community Difficulty Ratings


Tired of map difficulty rankings that tell you nothing about whether you might actually enjoy a map?

Enter the CCDR

A CCDR rating is made up of 2 or 4 numbers from 1-9

These numbers correspond to Tech Complexity / Precision Required / Chocolatey-ness / Sight-unreadability

A CCDR badge can display either tech complexity & precision:

Or all 4 values:

For reference, the CCDR for all vanilla A-Sides would be 1/1/1/1, where something like [map] would be [complex rating]

So, what the hell are these numbers?

Go check out our readme to learn more!

Alright, cool... now how do I use it?

For right now, the CCDR is really just this numbering scheme; Our fancy badges will be coming soon, and, in the future, I want it to be a true community rating system. It will support feedback and everything, but I'm making this as a proof-of-concept so I can see if people actually like the system